Decentralized marketplace platform for peer-to-peer transferring of Biosignals

Zarela is a decentralized marketplace platform for trading biosignals on the blockchain network.

It exists so that the gears of science and technology turn faster and easier than before by facilitating the ease of biosignal data collection.

It uses a token called Biobit for currency units.

Zarela Magic:

  • A more time-efficient procedure for researchers to reach a larger participant network involving several data collection centers.
  • A less expensive process targeting people in countries with low-value currency.
  • Reward scheme to motivate people by providing short and long-term benefits.
  • No political restrictions!
  • Based on reliable Ethereum smart contracts. 
zarela platform


If you are a scientist, a mage, a futurist, AI or IoT enthusiast, or any kind of researcher who needs biosignals, then this is your place.


If you are an angel, a crypto-investor, or just someone who wants to help and gain some bucks, then this is your place. 

Our Token
Introducing the Biobit token!

BioBit is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology which can be used as a currency unit in-lieu of traditional money.

We are living in a borderless world.

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Zarela Platform
Frequently Asked Questions

A biosignal is any signal in living beings that can be continually measured and monitored. The term biosignal is often used to refer to bioelectrical signals, but it may refer to both electrical and non-electrical signals.

Major types of electrical biosignals are:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Electrooculogram (EOG)
  • Electroretinogram (ERG)
  • Electrogastrogram (EGG)
  • Galvanic skin response (GSR) or electrodermal activity (EDA)


A blockchain is a digital record of transactions. The name comes from its structure in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together in a single list, called a chain. Blockchains are used for recording transactions made with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and have many other applications.

As a scientist or researcher, you need different biosignals datasets to draw a pattern and make progress along your R&D process based on powerful valuable statistical data. Any request that requires people to contribute and send the signals or other data types that you need, can be placed on the system.

A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, stored on a public database, and cannot be changed. The transactions in a smart contract are processed by the blockchain and can be sent automatically without a third party. The transactions are operative only when the conditions in the agreement are met. There is no third party involved and this removes any trust issues.