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It is undeniable that data quality plays a significant role in research projects. It will be determined that the project outcome is inaccurate and inconsistent if the data collected does not adhere to certain standards, especially in neuroscience studies. Therefore, obtaining data of better quality will require researchers to spend significant time and resources. With Zarela, you can speed up, simplify and save money when it comes to research.

Zarela facilitates processes

Zarela enables you to make a request, receive a file from the volunteers and pay them for their work. Furthermore, Zarela rewards everyone who takes part in your research, so that it is more attractive to others.
You might find Zarela the best method of collecting data if you work in the following research fields:

Research fields

Studies in the fields of ADHD, Depression, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Parkinson’s, etc.

Brain–computer interface

R&D in many fields such as the production of a robotic arm, IOT and IOMT research, and other BCI-related technologies.


Analysis and research information in the field of marketing and branding, such as deciding on the best design for the next billboard or the best value for the new product.

Peak performance

Studying the human mind's performance in many different fields such as sport, art, education, employee performance, entertainment, and child education.

Game industries

Research on making a better game, having a brain controlled game, or empowering scenario based on neuro signals.

Medical treatment

Enhancing medication, neurofeedback, biofeedback, TMS, tDCS, TES, and other biosignal-related therapies.

How does it works?
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Install Metamask wallet

To create a request in Zarela as a Mage, you must have Metamask Wallet installed on your device.   You should have a sufficient amount of Biobits in your wallet to pay the wage and at least the amount of Ethereum required to cover your transaction fee.

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Submit a request

Using the Zarela app, you can collect biosignals worldwide by just submitting a request. By filling out the form with necessary information such as research title, data, its Z-paper, and defining the wage for contributors, you can submit a request.

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How to verify the contribution?

The list of Hubs’ and Angel’s public keys and their submitted files are displayed separately on your screen. You can download and check the quality of the biosignals. Your wage tokens will be paid to whom their files are confirmed with you. Watch the video to find out how you can confirm the biosignals.

Start now!

Are you ready? Let’s progress your research and make the world better.


Who is a Mage?


Scientists, companies, government and non-government organizations, individuals who analyze or process biosignals, as well as others who need to collect people's biosignals for research, are called Mage.

How much is a decent wage?


You are not limited in any way. Increasing the number of Biobit tokens considered for Angels will inspire more people to join. This will result in faster biosignal collection.

What is a Z-paper?


Participants are informed of the research purpose by this document. Z-papers must be uploaded by the Mage when submitting their request on Zarela.

How safe is my data?


As a Blockchain-based platform, Zarela's users are anonymous, and there is no centralized database to store their data. Therefore, your data is totally secure.

What is the request submission fee?


You can give volunteers a token (wage token) to encourage them to participate. Additionally, you can set some Biobit tokens for the Hubs. The Zarela platform is free, but you must pay an Ethereum gas fee when you submit your request.

What is the wage token?


The amount of Biobits a Mage pays to the Angels and Hubs is called a wage token. The wage tokens are only delivered to contributors whose biosignals have been verified by the Mage.

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