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We owe the progress of science and the high standard of living that we enjoy today to research over the last hundreds of years. Volunteers are crucial in all types of research. We call volunteers "Angels" in Zarela. Zarela was developed to assist researchers, and to enable Angels to earn money. Having the help of Angels will allow us to treat many mental and physical disorders, improve our understanding of human nature and how our minds work, and make things happen much faster in science.

How it works?
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Install Metamask wallet

To participate in Zarela, you must have Metamask Wallet installed on your device, as well as at least the amount of Ethereum required to cover your transaction fee.

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Respond to Mage's request

By sending the requested file to the Mage through the blockchain network on Zarela, you will complete the task. The Mage will examine your file and if it is valid, the Mage and Zarela reward pool will both reward you. You will receive Biobits in return, which you can either sell on exchanges or keep so that you can reap even greater rewards in the future.

Start now!

Go to the Zarela app and check out the available requests now if you're interested in becoming an Angel.


Who is an Angel?


The Angels are volunteers who take part in a request on Zarela and send their biosignals' data to a Mage with their consent.

How do I earn as an Angel?


Upon a Mage accepting an Angel's biosignal, the Angel will earn the indicated wage plus the specified amount from the reward pool.

What is the reward?


In Zarela's smart contract address, there are 17,000,000 Biobits that are kept as a reward pool to be distributed among the contributors (Angels and Hubs). As part of the first halving, every contributor who sends the biosignal files to the Mage is eligible for a maximum of 50 Biobits.

What is the wage?


This is the amount of Biobits that Mage paid to the Angels / Hubs. Biosignal confirmation by the Mage is required to receive a wage.

How safe is my data?


As a Blockchain-based platform, Zarela's users are anonymous, and there is no centralized database to store their data. Therefore, your data is totally secure.

How can I contribute?


Mages submit requests in Zarela with a Z-paper file that contains required details by researchers. Here are some of those details: - Test type: EEG, ECG, SC, etc. The organ or part of the body being tested, such as the brain, heart, muscles, etc. (This test is handled by special sensors that receive electrical or electromagnetic signals and does not harm the body in any way.) - The scenario that a candidate is required to perform during the test. For example, looking at a picture while thinking about how to move the hands simultaneously. - A list of Hubs who can take the test.

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