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Sharing data without borders has
never been easier

Our P2P platform is free, borderless, and open-source, and is built upon Blockchain technology to collect and deliver human biosignals to researchers, labs, and entities that need biosignal data in a trusted and secure manner while respecting the privacy of participants and the ownership of data by research institutions. The key feature of Zarela is Proof-of-Contribution (PoC), which enables a volunteer participant (Angel) and biosignal requester (Mage) to exchange data anonymously throughout the Blockchain network.

Have you already tried our product's bleeding edge in test-net? Our testing playground allows you to see how our application works. Those interested in receiving Biobit for testing only need to join Zarela's Discord and send their Metamask wallet address.
The Main-net enables you to submit your request and collect biosignal data from volunteers worldwide. Install the Metamask wallet and go to the Zarela app.
How does it work?
For Mages
For Angels
Wallet connection
To activate the Zarela application, setup or connect your Metamask wallet.
Choose a request
In order to participate in research and get some BioBits, choose a request and follow the Z-paper.
Collect the biosignal
You can record your biosignal by going to the Hubs listed in the Z-paper.
Get rewarded
Respond to the request and wait for the Mage's approval. You will get the Biobits from Zarela's reward pool and the announced wage tokens by the Mage.
How to...?
Add Biobit token to Metamask wallet
Buy Biobit from Uniswap with Trustwallet
Buy Biobit from Uniswap with Metamask
Do you have a question?
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