zarela angels
Who do we call an angel?
Angels are people who will respond to the requests that take place on the Zarela platform. We call them angels because they help scientists to build a better world.
With the help of angels, many mental and physical disorders will be treated; many improvements will occur in knowing human nature and how our mind works, and the wheels of science will turn much more faster than before.

Can I be an angel?

Yes! everyone can be an angel here. If you have some time and want to participate in scientific research, then you are an angel.
You can pick any of the requests in the Zarela application and read the descriptions about what is it that the Mage wants. Then do the task and send the file to the Mage. 
zarela angels

How can I participate?

There are different types of requests made by Mages in the platform, some of them may need you to go to an EEG center and then do some action during the EEG process. The action is described in the request details within a file called Z-Paper.

When the task is done, you will send the EEG file to the requester via the Zarela system through the blockchain network.

Your file will be received and analyzed by the Mage and you will be rewarded both by the Mage and the Zarela platform.

The reward would be in Biobits and you can either sell them in exchanges or hold them to get even more benefits in time.

Click here to know more about Biobit. 

Watch this video on how to work with the application.