We welcome all Mages and wizards of the future world!

Here you can find information on how Zarela can help you gather valuable datasets of your choice.
To all Wizards and Mages that carve the future:

Zarela wishes to solve the problem of gathering biosignal data samples for your projects. Since the whole world is your audience, especially the cryptocurrency community, you can collect your samples in no time. Zarela will reward everyone that responds to your request. If you like the data you can also pay them with biobits. So people are more than happy to participate in your project.

What kinds of requests are suitable for the Zarela platform?

Here you can make any kind of request that may be answered with a file. But mainly the Zarela platform is suitable for requests that are hard to be answered anywhere else and people usually don’t have the motivation to participate.

So biosignal data requests are perfect for Zarela. But you can also use it for other purposes as long as it doesn’t interrupt our ethical considerations.

Conditions Research

Researches in the fields of ADHD, Depression, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Parkinson’s, …

Human Performance

Researches in the human mind performance in many fields like Sport, Art, Education, Employees performance, Entertainment, Child education, …

Brain-Computer Interface

R&D in many fields like Production of a Robotic Arm, IOT and IOMT researches, and many other BCI related technologies.

Game Industries

Researches for making a Better Game or making Brain Controlled games or Empowering Game Scenarios based on neuro signals data.


Researches and analysis in marketing and branding fields, such as choosing the best design for the next billboard or best price for the new product.

Medical Trearment

Making improvements in Medication, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, TMS, tDCS, TES, and other Biosignal related therapies.